Unity of New Orleans
Spiritual Center

3722 St. Charles Avenue  New Orleans, LA

At Unity of New Orleans Spiritual Center we are a growing community
of spiritually minded, vibrant individuals who welcome everyone
seeking spiritual growth and Truth.

There is only one Power and one Presence in the universe. We at Unity honor the many names of and many paths to that
Divine Presence. 

Join us for weekly Truth Lessons that are inspiring, insightful and thought provoking. To
help you on your spiritual journey, attend our classes, where we learn from spiritual leaders and each other.
Who are we?

The Greatest Commandment: Love Thy Neighbor
Rev. Mary Beth Ellis
A mother's love is the symbol in the world for unconditional caring and love for others. This Sunday’s Truth Lesson honors our mothers and delves into what exactly love is –and isn’t--in all our relationships and why it is so important for our own happiness.

Unity member Judge Calvin Johnson hosted Rev. Mary Beth Ellis on his radio show on WHIVFM 102.3.
They talked about myriad spiritual ideas and practices. Click here to view!

  1. A Course In Miracles
    A Course In Miracles
    Rev. Mary Beth Ellis' class is studying the Course in Miracles text and working as a group, or Sangha, to help each learn to apply the teachings to their daily living. Wednesday at 6:30-7:45 pm
  2. Prayer and Healing Service
    Prayer and Healing Service
    Harriet Stafford's midweek prayer and healing service, a tradition in Unity churches, includes a guided meditation, New Thought readings, special prayers, and affirmations. All are welcome. Wednesday at 11:00-12:00 am.
  3. Yoga and Guided Meditation
    Yoga and Guided Meditation
    Katrina Zech, Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Yoga Nidra instructor, will lead you to deep relaxation through movement, breath & mindfulness practice. Saturday at 10:00-12:00.
  4. Children's Sunday School
    Children's Sunday School
    Susan DeMara leads the children's Sunday school that takes place during the Sunday service starting at 11:00AM.
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Unity  News


    Music Therapy for the Soul with Katrina Zech

First Sunday of every month
12:30-1:30 pm
in the sanctuary

This is a guided meditation and sound healing experience: 
You will be guided through a meditation process with step-by-step relaxation induction, i.e. body awareness, conscious breathing, and visualization/intention/prayer. During the mediation, music instruments, sound healing tools and sacred song will be offered to create a therapeutic sonic container in which to hold the group in a space of safety, comfort and relaxation. By the principle of entrainment, we synchronize with our sonic environment. Music/sound is vibration. It affects us on a cellular level. Sound healing induces deep relaxation, stress reduction, balance, creativity, harmony, healing, and a connection with our higher selves. 


    Conscious Connected Breathing facilitated by Jack Fontana

Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop 
for Unity Members

Saturday, May 25th
2:30-5:00 pm

Love offering accepted.

To register please call 504.453.9161

For more information, click here.


    Recently at Unity...

 The Bob Tucker Wellness Forum this month featured guest speaker David Kramer.

The following articles were referenced in the presentation:

Growing a New Brain: Self-stem cell growth, Hyperbaric Oxygen and Powerful Prayer
David Kramer

9:30-10:30 AM Sunday, May 5th

David Kramer is a 25-year Unity Truth Student from Cleveland, Ohio.
He will share his incredible health challenge, dynamic prayer and results process.

David is a 30-year patient of the nationally renowned Cleveland Clinic. About seven years ago David began to notice a constant head pressure, gait issues and numerous falls and rapid decline in memory. These problems began to accelerate without any clear cause or diagnosis.

In 2018 David was admitted to the hospital for the first of many visits. He received several misdiagnoses and two unnecessary brain operations. His correct diagnosis is brain ischemia, an irreversible condition of accelerating mini-strokes in the brain and lack of sufficient oxygen and blood flow. Doctors have said there is nothing that can be done for this condition. The Clinic and other hospitals concur and predict that David will be in a wheel chair and nursing home within two years.

However, in February 2018 David began a life changing prayer process which began to bring different and incredible results and the growth of a new brain through hyperbaric oxygen and use of his own stem cells.


    Reiki Healing Hands Group with Dr. Holly Groh

Wednesdays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wednesday, May 15th will be the last weekly Reiki for the spring. New summer hours will be announced soon.

Holly Groh, MD, is coordinating a Reiki helping hands group at Unity of New Orleans Spiritual Center (use back door—parking available there).


Holly is a retired ophthalmologist and corneal eye surgeon (before raising children) and has since learned Reiki. She and one of her teachers, Tianne Lastra (Amazing Reiki) are bringing together Reiki practitioners and the public.





9:00-9:30 Mindfulness Meditation to
Empower You

9:30-10:30 A Course in Miracles 

9:30-10:30 Yogananda Studies

9:30-10:30 Wellness Forum 

(1st Sun. of each month)

11:00-12:00 Children's Sunday School

10:00-12:00 Yoga and Guided Meditation
6:30PM Powerpath Mastermind Miracles Circle​​


11:00AM-12:00PM Meditation for Peace Healing

1:00PM - 3:00PM

6:30PM A Course in Miracles

7:00PM The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Spiritual  LINKS
We at Unity are open to many paths which lead to the Universal One or God.  We study the Bible metaphysically, and we have hosted Buddhist monks from the Sera Jey Monastery in India, Swami Sankarananda, and followers of KaHuna, the native Hawaiian religion.  We have ongoing classes on  A Course in Miracles and   Science of Being, led by Rudolf Steiner students Renée and Burt Lattimore. We frequently reference Buddhism, Hinduism, the Sufis, and Gurdjieff, and we will be starting a Yogananda Sunday school class soon, all in an effort to access Christ Consciousness. Most importantly, we endeavor to let that Consciousness guide our daily lives. We want to “walk the talk” and be that which we study, as Unity co-founder and mystic Charles Fillmore succeeded in doing.

We are a center of practical spirituality; thus, we enrich our lives through books, music, and healthy lifestyle choices, reinforcing the fact that all beings are one with each other and with the Divine. We believe that this divine connection and perfection can and should pervade our lives. We want to connect the dots between the intellectual, spiritual teachings and our daily endeavors.

We are a very open-minded family of spiritual seekers, and we invite others to explore these spiritual ideas with us.

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